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Discover our Certified Pre-Owned watches

Watch Spare offers a wide choice of vintage watches that are emblematic of the Swiss watchmaking heritage.

All the timepieces for sale are meticulously appraised, thanks to our watchmakers who combine expertise and technology. Watch Spare issues a certificate of authenticity that documents the characteristics of your watch. In addition, a DNA identification of your watch is carried out by analyzing the pad printing of the dial to identify its uniqueness.

Respect for history and watchmaking traditions is at the heart of our convictions, which is why providing an exclusive experience is our priority.




Vintage spare parts manufactured


Despite the richness and diversity of existing products, some are rare. This is why Watch Spare's new initiative is to offer exclusive manufacturing of vintage components respecting the exact specifications ordered or produced by watch brands



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Watch Spare provides a wide choice of new second-hand spare parts and components that have been used by Swiss watch brands since the beginning of the 20th century.


The authenticity of the spare parts sold on this e-commerce site are appraised and certified by Watch Spare technology.