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Horizon Watch Spare

Located in the heart of Geneva, Watch Spare is a watchmaking e-boutique specializing in second-hand spare parts and the manufacture of parts. 

Our primary desire is to meet the demand for vintage watch components, in order to expand the possibilities of servicing timepieces. 

Watch Spare is aimed not only at watch enthusiasts and collectors, but also at professional watchmakers. 

Respect for history and watchmaking traditions is at the heart of our convictions. Through our product catalog, we offer the possibility of perpetuating the exceptional know-how of the Swiss watchmaking heritage.




Today, access to supplies of watch components is a complex environment characterized by heterogeneous quality and price speculation, despite the richness and diversity of existing products. At the same time, some brands are unable to supply independent watchmakers. The desire to keep their components for repairs to their own customers and the low level of their available stock partly explain that. From then on, it becomes complicated to meet the needs of customers to carry out the overhaul or restoration of their timepieces.

This is why the objective of this platform is to find solutions to the problems of the current market, both for independent watchmakers and for brands. Watch Spare wishes to provide a homogeneous catalog from its varied stock, while providing easy access to the information necessary to identify and find a component.



Added to this, Watch Spare also manufactures certain parts in order to improve them or when they are missing and essential to the restoration of a watch while respecting the intellectual and visual property of the different brands. Watch Spare has no intention of competing with watch groups or brands and undertakes not to reproduce the brands' logos or to appropriate them. Therefore, it is important that the customer is informed that the parts manufactured by Watch Spare have not been ordered or approved by the brands themselves. 



In some cases, after using a manufactured Watch Spare part, the watch may no longer be considered to be in its original condition. It is for this reason that, during each service, we recommend that you always collect and keep your original parts. Please note that we are able to provide a certificate of origin. For more information, you can contact Watch Spare. We will be happy to answer all of your questions. 


Benefiting from a team of professional watchmakers with more than 15 years of experience in restoring vintage watches, Watch Spare wishes to share its expertise and its network to resolve any watchmaking problem. Respect for the Swiss watchmaking heritage is at the heart of the Watch Spare vision. This is why the quality and authenticity of the products sold on this site is our priority.



We do this by certifying the authenticity of our products using Keyence® 2D - 3D digital scanner technology, which allows part attributes, such as material and dimensions, to be inspected down to the smallest detail. 



Finally, Watch Spare's new initiative is to offer exclusive parts manufacturing in addition to offering components, tools, movements and vintage watches.


Since the start of the 20th century, Swiss industry has produced billions of watch components that have spanned time and history. These were not always used and were initially intended as parts for additional productions or revisions. During a watchmaking crisis, the transfer of model production or the recovery of precious metals, components, dials, old movements, various tools and documentation were transferred to the watchmaking community. This is how Watch Spare found itself in possession of these various watch objects that are made available on this platform. 



Despite the richness and diversity of all these products, some are rare. This is explained by the fact that certain productions were stopped by the quartz crisis in the 1970s or by the evolution of technology. Few at that time would have imagined the success that the watch collections would experience from the early 1990s until today. As a result, independent watchmakers had to establish a close collaboration in order to be able to find replacement parts. In addition, they also realized that some essential parts were fragile. This is how Watch Spare came up with the idea to manufacture some key components in order to improve them. Using Keyence ® 2D - 3D digital scanner technology, parts are easily manufactured by extracting extremely precise dimensions.


Watch Spare is an independent company that is not affiliated with any watchmaking house.