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Horotec - Precision rack-press for case backs /crystals /bezels, with 43 screw-on dies

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Rack-press delivered as a complete version, for traditional work or only with the suction dies. Equipped with 2 adapters allowing use of all the dies with thread Ø 6 mm from the following assortments:

- Press Adjustable jaws holder, maximum opening 65 mm

- 2x round jaws

- 2x flat

- 2x square jaws

- 2x knurled jaws

- 2x elongated jaws, reinforced square

- 2x elongated jaws, reinforced round Lower tray

- 2x upper tray Upper adapter Ø 16 mm

- Lower adapter Ø 40 mm

- Case holder with 4 stacked jaws, height 29 mm

- Assortment of 7 red suction dies

- Red suction case holder

- Assortment of 8 steel dies RX type

- Assortment of 3 steel dies BM type

- Assortment of 4 steel dies SEAM. type

Size: 180 x 130 x 350 mm

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Brand Horotec
Weight (Kg) 6.75