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Horotec - Tool for hands fitting on a rotating base, with 8 peek tips

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Hands fitting tool on a rotating base. Delivered with 8 PEEK tips. PEEK (polyetheretherketone phenylene) is a polymer with different properties and high performance used, among others, in the aerospace industry. - Very good resistance to solvents - Stability over time - Doesn't mark the parts.


-PEEK tip without hole, Ø ext. 2.00 mm

-PEEK tip Ø int. 0.30, Ø ext. 2.50 mm

-PEEK tip Ø int. 0.80, Ø ext. 2.60 mm

-PEEK tip Ø int. 0.95, Ø ext. 2.80 mm

-PEEK tip Ø int. 1.10, Ø ext. 2.90 mm

-PEEK tip Ø int. 1.35, Ø ext. 3.00 mm

-PEEK tip Ø int. 1.50, Ø ext. 3.20 mm

-PEEK tip Ø int. 2.10, Ø ext. 3.50 mm

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Brand Horotec
Weight (Kg) 0.162